DIY Eurorack Case – Every synth needs a housing

I decided to do my own Cases.

The painful thing was to find the desired rails to an affordable prize. (Choose gie-tec in europe 😉 )

Finally i got a double 124HP and 2×19″ Cases in a natural & wooden housing. The Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit for powering fits perfect and Volts from Mutable Instruments does the 5V thing.

Actually i’m not sure how to power the smaller skiffs, i got 2x A-100 MNT left, but they don’t fit and each just has enough power for 4 modules. Bridging the existing power will be the better idea i think.

The plan is to use one of the skiffs for only DIY projects, so i will have my own synth in an own housing by time …

The backside of the big case will have a carry handle, perfect to go!

I’ve saved a lot of money this way, which i already invested into new modules and DIY-parts. The most expensive thing is powering, the rest just took some hours to construct and build. Luckily i have some proper equipment and tools to do some handcrafted stuff. And i’ve found plastic screws, no more rackrash!!!

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