Mutant Bassdrum Kit by HEXINVERTER

bass drum

Fat Monster with many CV ins.

More advanced assembly but worth every minute of soldering!
I´ve bought only the PCBs and the panel, you will not safe a lot of money by
shopping the BOM by yourself comparing to invest of time, so i´m advising to get a full kit.

I love this module and the distortion part does a pretty well job!

It´s possible to use the distorion for external signals or grab the distorted bass drum @ DIST out. CV in for modulated distortion will be you friend 😉

Some things to mention,
the decay knob acts a bit delayed and the fine adjust of the pitch knob is a bit
too imprecise or underranged. CV in for pitch seems to work well, but could react slightly quicker. Maybe a different pot size will help for better adjustments, or maybe it´s just because of self assembly :p
I think there is no sync of the oscillator when getting triggered, so for me
the transients could be more clean or punchy.

Comparing to other analog bass drums there is still a gap to fill, but the overall capability is great!

bass drum parts

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