x0x Heart TB303 Clone Kit for Eurorack by Open Music Labs

ACID Baby!!!!

A clone of the legendary TB303 by Open Music Labs and in this case for Eurorack format. The heart of the circuit is the, like they call it, “x0x heart”. The main PCB is designed to connect, hack and design your 303 how ever you want it. Check this guy if you want some more informations.

Synthcube is offering the full kit, it´s a slightly more advanced kit. The calibration process (which i haven´t done yet) is quite unusual due to never meant doin a eurorack version out of it … I will do a proper calibration by time, but it already does a good job.

The whole circuit is producing some noise, which is ok if you don´t use a too clean signal. The volume potential of the circuit is very high with gating and full ENV MOD. The bahavior of cutoff and resonance is quite similar to the original one. Means Volume drops while increasing the resonance. What i really like is the external input which can be switched to single/both/single, so you can patch every sound source for getting the filter 🙂

One thing to mention if you get it @ synthcube. There is no VAT included (maybe this changes by time) and i´ve been paying an import tax aswell.


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