STPM01 handcrafted MFOS based Stereo Panning Mixer for Eurorack aka “Die garstige Queen”

It took a while, during the process of designing and assembling i ran into several problems and i´m still not happy for 100%.

Panel wiring is something damn frustrating and i´m sure i will update my PCB skillz quickly!

Everything started with the blank PCB by Ray Wilson aka MFOS, meanwhile i have two of them because i thought i´ve damaged the first one, but i didn´t 🙂

The panel design is by myself, leaned on Ray´s, in a pretty, golden, aluminium, anodized professional laser cut. The LED meter is driven by 2x LM3914 and i´ve swapped TL071/TL072 to OPA134/OPA2134.

It´s already big and gives a lot of flexibility, but it´s still not big enough :p

RIP Ray Wilson, your sound will always be heard!


2017-01-12 13.52.32.jpg

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