Mobile Power for Eurorack Synthesizer

Superhandy mobile power for eurorack synthesizers in VCard size. 

You can unmount the cover plates to fit into a small rack. 


5,5mm DC 5-9V 1A Center Positive 

Mini USB (Expecting 1A !!!!!!!!)

2 Pin Header 5-9V 1A 

NEVER POWER FROM A PC OR MOBILE PHONE. This product needs juice and can damage your equipment! 

Best is a power bank with minimum 1A output. 


Eurorack 16 Pin Header 

+12V 400mA

-12V 400mA

5V 400mA (sharing with +12V)


Short Circuit (Continuous) 


Over voltage

Input under voltage


Please be adviced you can NOT power an endless rack of modules! The unit will simply not work or blink. 

Sometimes it doesn´t start if the connected module”s” have a sharp start up current peak. I´m experiencing this mostly with analogue circuits like classic drums, cause they fire one time when plugging power. 

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