Norns Shield for Eurorack Synthesizer

A reinterpretation, or better to say remix of Norns for Euroack format.

Important Note:

Norns was developed by as an open source project.
Learn more about Norns and its community at:

This module is 100% compatible with the original firmware.

On hardware side there are little changes to the audio connections for Eurorack use and passive
level control for the input and output.
If you just plug a mono signal into L it get´s splitted into a pseudo stereo signal.

The buttons itself and the placement vary to the original one.
A result of taste, experience and simpler part stocking.

Powering still comes from an external brick.
As it´s based on a Raspberry Pi the power consumption is enormously out of the typical Eurorack range.
It sucks 2,5A on 5V.

The USB connections are tied to the raspberry and sit below the panel.
A Eurorack USB-Hub would be an excellent addition to bring the connections to the front.

After getting in touch with monome there is no permission to offer this unit public.

NoisyFruitsLab is respecting this and will not offer this module in its common stores.

You can contact the lab directly to check if it´s possible to realize yours.

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