2FO – Dual LFO for Eurorack Synthesizer

A dual, digital, multiwave, clocked or tapped LFO around two TAPLFO-ICs from electric-druid with proper output filtering for smooth & charming sweeps.

Output -5 / +5V

LFO range 0.025Hz – 50Hz

CV ins for Sync, Speed & Waveform. Accepting -5 / +5V while the dedicated pots act as offset.

Speed Range and Waveset can be set via jumpers on the back. (Expander on the way 😉 )

LEDs around the tap button for positive and negative indication.

The depth pot is a “proper” attenuator without offset shifts.


Depth: 30mm (powered)

+12V 50ma

-12V 40ma

NOTE & Story: The range and waveset jumpers are on the backside cause my original design around the StompLFO ICs did not fullfill my expectations. That´s why this module was under investigation for about two years, or better to say the idea became dust. The TAPLFO offers some more functions. To offer them all on that module size would blow up my initial design or arrangement. That´s why there will be an additional expander with 2HP for range and waveset.

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