Alta Falta – Stereo Desktop Filter and Mixer

Alta Falta is a standalone, dual stereo desktop filter and 4 channel mixer, despite being a little experimental semi modular stereo sine voice unit.

It´s built around 4×3320 VCF chips with 24dB edge that form a warm and vintage filter characteristic with self oscillating resonance into clean and well calibrated sine waves.

Built in eurorack synthesizer manner, but from the perspective of a live perfomer and a DJ with main focus on glueing all kinds of signal sources.

The case and the panel are made of PCB material and with all the screws you can see it´s assembled like a heavy and sturdy tank.

The flexible powering method and signal path are as clean as possible to make sure it can be used in a studio setup as well.

The inputs are normalized to stereo, means with plugging a mono signal into a left input it becomes kinda real stereo. Excellent for mono drum machines 😉

The Mix-level pot can boost signals with a ratio of 1:4. Good for low level signals but not too much for not to overheat eurorack signals.

Each filter has a CV input with an attenuverter for cutoff and an attenuator for Q / resonance.

The Channel-pots, Mix-level, Cutoff-pots and attenuverters have LED indicators to give an optical feedback.

To make things a bit more exclusive and individual LED-Color variations can be chosen when ordered directly from the lab.

Size: 135mm x 135mm

Height: 53mm

Power: DC 9-15V 1A 3,5mm center positive Jack (brick not included)

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