10CHAN ultmt – Faderbank & Voltage Source for Eurorack Synthesizer & Desktop

10CHAN ultimate is an update to the successful 10CHAN

It still looks and feels like a mixer, but it´s NOT mixing signals!

It´s a 10 channel faderbank that acts as attenuator or voltage source with clickless mutes.

Ready for Eurorack or Desktop with included case.

Packed with 45mm LED faders that either indicate voltage or the signal you´re feeding.

The voltage range of a fader pair can be defined on the backside via jumpers. (5V & 9V)

It´s made for audio and cv signals 😉

With plugging a signal into an input the corresponding fader becomes an attenuator.

With no signal plugged the output becomes a voltage source that can be attenuated with the fader.

The mutes a are built around vactrols / optocouplers and result in clickless on / off switching on any signal you feed with a slight fade out when switching off.

I´ve been going through a lot of pain with finding the right and “best” matched vactrols for this unit and it became the NSL 32r3.

The case and the panel are made of PCB material and with all the screws you can see it´s assembled like a heavy and sturdy tank.

Due to several international power standards it´s NOT shipped with a power brick.

It´s a typical brick with 12V 1A 5,5mm jack center positive.


Depth: 30mm

+12V 180mA

-12V 0mA

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