4CHAN C2 – Voltage Source & Faderbank for Eurorack Synthesizer

4CHAN C2 is a shrinked version of 10CHANultmt

It still looks and feels like a mixer, but it´s NOT mixing signals!

It´s a 4 channel faderbank that acts as attenuator or voltage source with clickless mutes.

Packed with 45mm LED faders that either indicate voltage or the signal you´re feeding.

The voltage range of a fader pair can be defined on the backside via jumpers. (5V & 9V)

It´s made for audio and cv signals 😉

With plugging a signal into an input the corresponding fader becomes an attenuator.

With no signal plugged the output becomes a voltage source that can be attenuated with the fader.

The mutes a are built around vactrols / optocouplers and result in clickless on / off switching on any signal you feed with a slight fade out when switching off.

I´ve been going through a lot of pain with finding the right and “best” matched vactrols for this unit and it became the NSL 32r3.


Depth: 30mm

+12V 80mA

-12V 0mA

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