FM4 – FM Radio for Eurorack Synthesizer

FM4 is a classic radio FM transreceiver like many of us know from ancient times.

It delivers all what we love and hate around radio circuituary from the 80s with charming bandwidth, sound characteristic, noise, athmospheric limitations and interactions.

The name FM4 is a tribute to my favorite radio station around the alps that caused a massive impact to my musical education.

It wouldn´t be a eurorack sound source without CV inputs. There´s CV control with attenuation for tuning and level control while the main pots act as offset control.

Makes it a fantastic random chopping source for all kind of artifacts you will find in the FM universe and of course you can listen to radio stations in a classical manner.

As antenna you can use a typical eurorack wire with around 45cm.

The graphics around the antenna got some fancy LED indication that shows the final output stage.

LED color options are available at checkout.

Note: The unit is calibrated to 102.1, the only one radio station that matters :p. In case of athmospheric temperature & humidity changes more precise calibration can be done with a trim capacitor on the backside. As well the VCA output needs to settle its DC offset for about 2 minutes after powering.


Depth: 30mm

+12V 33mA

-12V 12mA