Powered DIY 4U+ Case for Eurorack Synthesizer

48HP DIY case with a 3U, 1U and a mini module row called “seedlings”.

It´s made out of 1,6mm PCB material with silver metallic graphics and screwed together with12mm blocks and M3 screws.

On the backside is a power switch, 5,6mm DC Jack and a power LED.

The power board is populated with 6 Eurorack power headers and two 3-pin headers for powered seedlings.

CV & Gate aren´t connected on the bus board.

The power sourcing is pretty flexible and delivers 1250mA on each rail, depending on your power source.

It can be powered from 9-36V with 1A-2,5A.

The 5V rail delivers 1A maximum and is shared with the +12V rail!!!

Maximum module depth with power header is 38mm.


43cm x 19.2cm x 5,2cm

DC Jack:

5,6mm / 2,5mm center positive


Classic Eurorack rails type 5 populated with 10 M3 nuts each rail.

1U row intellijel size!!!

The case gets shipped without power brick and populated with blank seedlings.

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