Alta Falta – Dual Stereo Desktop Filter
Dual Ladder VCF
Single Ladder VCF
Dual VCA
Powana – Power Distribution
8CHANm – Stereo Mixer
4CHANm – Stereo Mixer
4CHANc – Faderbank

10CHAN – Faderbank

4FO Quad LFO

VU Level Meter

CNTRL Voltage Source


8SEQ – Sequencer & Transponical Touch Interface

808 Kick Drum

808 Snare Drum

4MX – Mini Mixer

Blank Panels Aluminium

OT1 – Oscilloscope & Tuner

Dual VCA

MS20 Filter

3340 VCO

3320 VCF

ENV – Analogue ADSR

SPKR – 1 Watt Speaker

Passive Multiple

2FO – Dual LFO

ENVgen – Looping ADSR

VCCF – Dual Crossfader (under investigation)

Dual VCA 1U

Blank Panels 1U

Multiple Dual 1U

Multiple Single 1U

Dual Attenuator

From DIYer to DIYer

Proto Pack 8HP


808 Kick Drum

ENV – Analogue ADSR

4MX – Mini Mixer

Dual VCA

MS20 Filter

Passive Multiple

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