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VCFm – Multi State Filter DIY GUIDE

VCFm – Multi State Filter DIY GUIDE

Welcome to NFL´s first SMT DIY module.

As i´m expecting you´re further experienced with the assembly of SMT parts i´m not providing a detailed step by step documentation this time.

The 2164 MUST be an Alfa AS2164D, all the other ones on the market don´t work as expected!!!

I´ve been following the schematic of SSI but the circuit doesn´t work with their own chip as it seems …

The 2 pole 3 positions rotary switch is this one:

Best you use the IBOM for comfortable assembly.

Self oscillation mod:

Change R26 to 27k

Manual Latching Switches DIY Guide

Manual Latching Switches DIY Guide


  • Thonkiconns (Mono or Stereo) Yes, it can handle stereo signals, the DIYers easter egg 😉
  • DPDT Switches 7x7mm –> ALI, Ebay
  • Caps 6mm outside / 3,3mm inside –> ALI , works with rectangle or round holes 😉

The assembly is pretty self explaing if you know how to place the buttons :p

The orientation matters!!! Take a look onto the side parts of em, the side with two holes -> II <- shows to you, or the bottom of the PCB.

As the button holes of the panel are very precise i´m advicing to solder the buttons at last with mounted panel. So you can make sure they glide softly.

1U instruction

You will quickly realize something´s different here this time …

The thonkiconns share their ground pins and this makes em sit very tight and uncool.

To make sure they sit where they should, place em all as good as possible, solder the middle pin of each, put on the panel or better to say squeeze on the panel and reheat the soldered pins. This will force em to get the right position. I´m sure you will get the myth behind 😉

Happy switching 🙂